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Roma Ivory Cross 12x24

ECWRMAIVY02 Available within 1 Week

Material: Porcelain

Wear Rating: 5 - Walls + Residential / Commercial Floor Applications

Shade Variation: V2

DCOF: 0.42

Thickness: 9.5 mm

Rectified: Yes

Country of Origin: Italy

Color Options

ECWRMACRM02 Cream Cross
ECWRMACRM01 Cream Vein
ECWRMAGRY02 Grey Cross
ECWRMAIVY02 Ivory Cross
ECWRMAIVY01 Ivory Vein

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Roma porcelain tile reintroduces the travertine stone look through enhanced tile surface realism in either the Vein cut travertine or Cross cut travertine look. Field tile formats in matte 12” x 24” rectangular and 24” x 24” square tiles are available across three warm, elegant colorways: Cream, Ivory and Grey. Mosaic tile options for each vein look include a 3” Cross cut Hexagon Mosaic or Vein cut Intreccio Basketweave Mosaic. Roma Ivory is suitable for all residential and commercial applications, while Cream and Grey are suitable for all residential and most commercial applications.