Wear Rating System

The Right Tile for the Right Location

Tile Wear Rating Chart

Determine the Suitability of Tile

While the composition of each tile may differ, the most important attribute to a tile is its wear rating. The wear rating is the ability of the tile to resist scratches from surface abrasion. The chart below shows how tile is rated.

Class 1

Wall Application Only.

Class 2

Light Residential Use. Class 2 tile must not be used in residential areas that are subject to constant or heavy traffic. (i.e., kitchen)

Class 3

Residential Applications. Class 3 tile is suitable for all residential applications.

Class 4

All Residential and Light Commercial Applications. Class 4 tile may be used in all residential areas and light commercial applications. (i.e., restaurants, offices)

Class 5

Suitable for all Residential and Commercial Applications. Class 5 tile is suitable for all applications including those with heavy traffic and constant use. (i.e., Shopping Malls, Hospitals)

Class 8

Varies. Customer should discuss proper application with showroom Design Consultant.

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