The Sage Gray Collection

Sage Gray is a beautiful medium gray marble tile with white and varying shades of gray throughout its composition. This natural stone tile has a soft honed finish and will add a dramatic touch to your home with its striking veining.

Tile Sizes

3x12 Honed and Beveled
3x12 beveled 288400 Sage Gray
6x16 Honed
6x16 288596 Sage Gray
3x6 Tumbled
3x6 294737 Sage Gray
4x4 Tumbled
4x4 288401 Sage Gray
10" Corner Shelf Honed and Beveled
10” beveled corner shelf 288488 Sage Gray
20" Corner Seat Honed and Beveled
20" beveled shower seat 288489 Sage Gray
4x36 Threshold Honed and Beveled
4x36 double beveled threshold 294335 Sage Gray
6x50 Curb Honed
6x50 curb MEXCURSAG02 Sage Gray
6x72 Curb Honed
6x72 curb MEXCURSAG01 Sage Gray
2x2 Hexagon Honed Mosaic
2x2 hexagon mosaic 288404 Sage Gray
.75x3.5 Herringbone Honed Mosaic
.75x3.5 herringbone 288407 Sage Gray
2x4 Brick Honed Mosaic
2x4 brick mosaic 288405 Sage Gray
.625x12 Pencil Liner Honed
.625x12 pencil 308955 Sage Gray
1.75x12 Opus Moulding Honed
1.75x12 opus 288485 Sage Gray

Tile Design Ideas


Sizes Available Honed: 3x12, 6x16, 2x2 hexagon mosaic on 12x10.25 sheet, 2x4 mosaic on 12x12 sheet, .75x3.5 herringbone mosaic on 10.5x12.5 sheet, .5x12 pencil, 1.75x12 opus, 10” corner shelf, 20" shower seat, 4x36 threshold, 6.5x50 curb, 6.5x72 curb; Tumbled: 3x6, 4x4
Material Marble
Finish Honed or Tumbled
Wear Rating 8 - Customer Determines Use
Shade Variation V3
Country of Origin Mexico
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