Tuscan Brick

Tuscan Brick

Tuscan Brick is a porcelain brick tile available in a 3" x 10" rectangular tile format. A creative blend of urban industrial brick look with deep tones, Tuscan Brick comes in shaded variations of white, greige, cotto red, rust black and an amazing blue. A contemporary brick look tile for today's home.


Tile Sizes



Sizes Available 3x10
Material Porcelain
Finish Glazed
Thickness 8 mm
Wear Rating White: 5 - Walls + Residential / Commercial Floor Applications;
Greige / Blue: 4 - Walls + Residential / Light Commercial Floor Applications;
Rust / Cotto: 2 - Walls + Light Residential Floor Applications
Shade Variation V3
Frost Proof Yes
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction ≥ 0.42
Country of Origin Portugal
Minimum Grout Joint 3/16"
Additional Information Layout and blend cartons prior to installation.

Performance Data

Water Absorption ASTM C373 ≤ 0.2%
Abrasion Resistance ASTM C1027 2 / 4 / 5
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction AcuTest ≥ 0.42
Thickness Dimension ASTM C499 In accordance
Facial Dimension ASTM C499 In accordance
Warpage Diagonal ASTM C485 In accordance
Wedging ASTM C502 In accordance
Frost Resistance ASTM C1026 Frost Proof
Chemical Resistance ASTM C650 GL: GA, GLA

Design Ideas

  • Tuscan Brick Blue
  • Tuscan Brick Cotto
  • Tuscan Brick Rust
  • Tuscan Brick Greige
  • Tuscan Brick Blue Variation
  • Tuscan Brick Cotto Variation
  • Tuscan Brick Greige Variation
  • Tuscan Brick Rust Variation
  • Tuscan Brick White Variation

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