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Villa Off White 4x16 Glossy

ECWVLLWHT01 Available within 1 Week

Material: Ceramic

Wear Rating: 1 - Wall Applications Only

Shade Variation: V3

Thickness: 7 mm

Country of Origin: Brazil

Color Options

agave ECWVLLAGA01 Agave
carbon ECWVLLCAR01 Carbon
cotto ECWVLLCOT01 Cotto
glacial ECWVLLGLA01 Glacial
gris ECWVLLGRI01 Gris
hijau green ECWVLLGRN01 Hijau Green
marine ECWVLLMAR01 Marine
off white ECWVLLWHT01 Off White

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Villa ceramic wall tile creates an inviting look for any room. This 4"x16" rectangular wall tile has an undulating surface that reflects light creating a worn, handmade effect. Villa is available in eight highly varied colorways: White ('Off White'), Light Grey ('Gris'), Black ('Carbon'), Light Blue ('Glacial'), Blue ('Marine'), Light Green ('Hijau'), Green ('Agave') and Gold ('Cotto'). Straight edges allow for a clean installation while the softly mottled surface creates an inviting and shaded effect for all wall applications.