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Paint Kaki 3x12 Glossy

ECWPAIKAK01 Available within 1 Week

Material: Ceramic

Wear Rating: 1 - Wall Applications Only

Shade Variation: V2

Thickness: 10 mm

Country of Origin: Spain

Color Options

bianco ECWPAIBIA01 Bianco
blue ECWPAIBLU01 Blue
grigio ECWPAIGRI01 Grigio
nero ECWPAINER01 Nero
aquamarine ECWPAIAQU01 Aquamarine
kaki ECWPAIKAK01 Kaki
bordeaux ECWPAIBOR01 Bordeaux

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Paint is a Spanish floor tile and wall tile series that provides a broad range of highly saturated colorways. This appealing high glossy tile reflects the look of freshly brushed painted surfaces. Seven colorways explore the chromatic tile look on a 3” x 12” ceramic wall tile: White (‘Bianco’), Grey (‘Grigio’), Cobalt Blue, Black (‘Nero’), Red (‘Bordeaux’), Teal (‘Aquamarine’) and Turmeric Yellow (‘Kaki’). Floor tile options include a 9” x 9” or an 8” Hexagon floor-rated ceramic tile in White, Grey, Blue and Black. Decorative tile mix is available in the 8" Hexagon colors and the 3" x 12" ceramic wall tile in White, Grey and Blue. Paint White and Grey in the 9” x 9” and 8” Hexagon are rated for all residential and light commercial applications, while all other 9” x 9” and 8” Hexagon colors are rated for all residential applications. We recommend a minimum grout joint of no less than 3/16” for pressed tiles.