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Offroad Kona 12x24

ECWOFFKON01 Available within 1 Week

Material: Porcelain

Wear Rating: 3 - Walls + Residential Floor Applications

Shade Variation: V3

DCOF: ≥ 0.45

Thickness: 8 mm

Rectified: Yes

Country of Origin: USA

Color Options

alps ECWOFFALP01 Alps
kona ECWOFFKON01 Kona
mojave ECWOFFMOJ01 Mojave
white desert ECWOFFWHT01 White Desert

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Offroad is a US-made rectified porcelain tile series with a soft limestone look. A 12” x 24” porcelain tile comes in honed, polished or textured finishes in Black, White, Beige and Grey. The series also offers a 2” x 2” mesh-mounted mosaic tile. Also available are a large-format porcelain tile in 24” x 48” and stunning black-and-white geometric design decorative tiles in either 12” x 12” or 24" x 24" square tile formats, along with bullnose and cove base. Offroad porcelain tile white and grey are rated for all residential and commercial applications, while beige is appropriate for residential and light commercial uses, and black is rated for residential spaces.