Memento ceramic wall tile is a glossy Italian wall tile that bridges the classic saturated color aesthetic with a modern glazed tile application. A unique 2.5” x 5” brick tile format with handmade tile look edges showcases eight deep colorways: White (‘Bianco’), Moonlight White (‘Chiaro di Luna’), Ivory (‘Merletto’), Ash Grey (‘Cinerino’), Grey Blue (‘Nuvola’), Ivy Green (‘Edera’), Sea Green (‘Oltremare’), and Dark Blue (‘Blu di Prussia’). A 10.25” Quarter Round trim is available. Memento ceramic tile is rated for wall tile applications and we recommend a minimum grout joint of no less than 3/16” for pressed tiles.

Tile Sizes



Sizes Available 2.5x5, .5x10.25 quarter round
Material Ceramic
Finish Glazed
Thickness 9 mm
Wear Rating 1 - Wall Applications Only
Shade Variation V2
Minimum Grout Joint 3/16"

Performance Data

Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 > 10%
Abrasion Resistance ISO 10545-7 1
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 150 Kg/cm2
Chemical Resistance - Household Chemicals ISO 10545-13 Conforms
Chemical Resistance - Low Concentration of Acids ISO 10545-13 Conforms
Resistance to Stains ISO 10545-14 Class 5
Crazing Resistance of Glazed Tiles ISO 10545-11 Conforms

Design Ideas

  • Memento Blu di Prussia
  • Memento Merletto
  • Memento Cinerino & Chiaro di Luna with Decor Grigio
  • Memento Merletto & Nuvola with Decor Pattern 10
  • Memento Oltremare with Decor Grigio
  • Memento Merletto & Edera
  • Memento Chiaro di Luna
  • Memento Bianco Variation
  • Memento Blu di Prussia Variation
  • Memento Chiaro di Luna Variation
  • Memento Cinerino Variation
  • Memento Edera Variation
  • Memento Merletto Variation
  • Memento Nuvola Variation
  • Memento Oltremare Variation


Pattern 1-03
Pattern 1-04
Pattern 1-08
Pattern 1-15
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