The Wellfleet Collection

Wellfleet Italian ceramic wall tile is a stunning 2” x 6.5” subway tile and 5” x 5" square tile collection that celebrates handmade tile and handpainted colorways. The subtle surface movement underscores a range of ten multi-tonal colors in a glossy finish. Wellfleet rectangular and square wall tile reveals both a classical sense of proportion and a modern essence, updating traditional looks for today’s bathroom, kitchen or feature wall tile installation.

Tile Sizes

2x6.5 Glossy
aquamarine ECWWELAQU01 Aquamarine
cerulean ECWWELCER01 Cerulean
coconut ECWWELCOC01 Coconut
eucalyptus ECWWELEUC01 Eucaplyptus
navy ECWWELNAV01 Navy
petroleum ECWWELPET01 Petroleum
pink prosecco ECWWELPIN01 Pink Prosecco
rain ECWWELRAI01 Rain
seashell ECWWELSEA01 Seashell
sepia ECWWELSEP01 Sepia
5x5 Glossy
aquamarine ECWWELAQU03 Aquamarine
cerulean ECWWELCER03 Cerulean
coconut ECWWELCOC03 Coconut
eucalyptus ECWWELEUC03 Eucalyptus
rain ECWWELRAI03 Rain
seashell ECWWELSEA03 Seashell
sepia ECWWELSEP03 Sepia

Tile Design Ideas

  • Wellfleet Aquamarine 5x5
  • Wellfleet Cerulean 5x5
  • Wellfleet Coconut 5x5
  • Wellfleet Eucalyptus 5x5
  • Wellfleet Rain 5x5
  • Wellfleet Seashell 5x5
  • Wellfleet Sepia 5x5
  • Wellfleet Aquamarine
  • Wellfleet Cerulean
  • Wellfleet Coconut
  • Wellfleet Eucalyptus
  • Wellfleet Navy
  • Wellfleet Petroleum
  • Wellfleet Pink Prosecco
  • Wellfleet Rain & Sepia
  • Wellfleet Aquamarine Variation
  • Wellfleet Cerulean Variation
  • Wellfleet Coconut Variation
  • Wellfleet Eucalyptus Variation
  • Wellfleet Navy Variation
  • Wellfleet Petroleum Variation
  • Wellfleet Pink Prosecco Variation
  • Wellfleet Rain Variation
  • Wellfleet Seashell Variation
  • Wellfleet Sepia Variation


Sizes Available 2x6.5, 5x5, .5x13 quarter round
Material Ceramic
Finish Glazed
Thickness 10 mm
Wear Rating 1 - Wall Applications Only
Shade Variation V3
Country of Origin Italy
Minimum Grout Joint 3/16"
Additional Information Layout and blend cartons prior to installation.

Performance Data

Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 > 10%
Chemical Resistance - Household Chemicals ISO 10545-13 Conforms
Chemical Resistance - Low Concentration of Acids ISO 10545-13 Conforms
Resistance to Stains ISO 10545-14 Conforms
Crazing Resistance of Glazed Tiles ISO 10545-11 Resistant

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