The Reflections Collection

Reflections is a glazed Italian porcelain tile that imitates antiqued mirror glass tiles, alongside transformative contemporary tile effects such as oxidization. The series comes in 4" x 12" and 12” x 24” rectangular tile formats in both polished tile and matte tile finishes. A 2” x 2” mesh-mounted mosaic tile is also available. Reflections porcelain tile offers four bold colorways: White (Perla), Grey (Argento), Cobalt Blue (Zaffiro) and Aqua Green (Topazio). Reflections Perla and Argento are rated PEI 5 for all Residential and Commercial applications. Zaffiro and Topazio are rated PEI 4 for all Residential and Light Commercial applications. With Reflections, your room presents a striking visual impact with a tactile effect – you will want to touch the tile to get a sense of its depth!

This tile collection is no longer available.
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