Polished and honed natural stone paired with glossy and textured glass give depth to the new Relic Collection. The newest addition to our Precious Gems line, the Relic blends have a slight rustic appeal but keep within a very neutral color pallet that coordinate’s with today’s trends. Available in two shapes – random linear and random block pattern and four colors: Ash, Bone, Clay, and Stone.

Tile Sizes

linear mosaic
random mosaic


Sizes Available Linear mosaic 24 rows on 11.75x11.75 sheet (For pattern repeat: 2 rows of 6 inch, 3 rows of 4 inch, 6 rows of 2 inch); Random mosaic 12 rows on 11.75x11.75 sheet (For pattern repeat: 4 rows of 3 inch, 2 rows of 6 inch)
Material Glass
Finish Unglazed
Wear Rating 1 - Rated for wall applications only.
Shade Variation V3
Frost Proof No