The Essentials Collection

Gorgeous colors. Unlimited beauty. Best Tile's exclusive Precious Gems Essentials Glass Collection offers 10+ trending colors in a modern 3" x 9" subway tile format with coordinating glass tile liners. To expand our collection we've added a fun scallop shape mosaic tile in five relaxing colors, a 1" x 4" herringbone tile mosaic in three neutral tones along with a unique white arabesque glass tile mosaic. Add some color and style to any wall in your home with Essentials glass tile.

Tile Sizes

3x9 Glossy
zircon 291209 Zircon
cloud 289646 Cloud
champagne diamond 291207 Champagne Diamond
golden topaz 291212 Golden Topaz
shell 291206 Shell
pearl gray 291211 Pearl Grey
azurite 296680 Azurite
sky 291111 Sky
sail 293662 Sail
sea 291137 Sea
tourmaline 291210 Tourmaline
3x6 Glossy
zircon 255659 Zircon
Scallop Glossy Mosaic
zircon 304117 Zircon
shell 304121 Shell
azurite 304118 Azurite
sky 304122 Sky
sea 304120 Sea
5x5 Arabesque Glossy Mosaic
zircon 292401 Zircon
1x4 Herringbone Glossy Mosaic
zircon 292089 Zircon
cloud 295594 Cloud
shell 292090 Shell
.625x11.75 Liner Glossy
zircon 272870 Zircon
cloud 289649 Cloud
champagne diamond 272875 Champagne Diamond
shell 273769 Shell
pearl gray 272878 Pearl Grey
azurite 296681 Azurite
sky 291112 Sky
sail 293663 Sail
sea 291139 Sea
tourmaline 274831 Tourmaline
.625x11.75 Glossy
black onyx 272871 Black Onyx


Sizes Available 3x6, 3x9, 1x1 mosaic on 11.75x11.75 sheet, 2x4 mosaic on 11.75x11.75 sheet, 1x4 herringbone mosaic on 11.25x11.75 sheet, 5" arabesque mosaic on 11.375x12 sheet, .625x11.75 liner
Material Glass
Finish Unglazed
Shade Variation Solid Colors and Frost Finishes: V1; Medleys: V4
Frost Proof Yes


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