Nordic Stream

Nordic Stream

An exciting Italian porcelain which combines three characteristics: wood tile looks, metal finishes and brushstrokes of color. Nordic Stream is a modern look that incorporates multiple elements and subtle color ranges. A high quality glazed tile suitable for small or large settings.

Technical Data Sheet

Tile Sizes

6x36 rectified
2x2 mosaic
3x24 bullnose


Sizes Available 12x24, 6x36, 18x36, 2x2 mosaic on 12x12 sheet, 3x24 bullnose
Material Porcelain
Finish Glazed
Wear Rating 4 - Rated for all residential and light commercial applications
Shade Variation V3
Frost Proof Yes
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction 0.48
Country of Origin Italy
Additional Information Per ANSI standard A108.02,4.3.82, tiles longer than 18" should not be staggered more than 1/3 the length of the tile.

Performance Data

Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 0.08%
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 46.2 N/mm2
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction AcuTest 0.48
Scratch Hardness MOHS 6
Abrasion Resistance ISO 10545-7 4
Frost Resistance ISO 10545-12 Frost Proof
Chemical Resistance - Household Chemicals ISO 10545-13 GA
Chemical Resistance - Low Concentration of Acids ISO 10545-13 GLA
Resistance to Stains ISO 10545-14 Class 5


Pattern 1-03
Pattern 1-04
Pattern 1-07
Pattern 1-08
Pattern 1-10
Pattern 1-11
Pattern 1-12
Pattern 1-13
Pattern 1-14
Pattern 1-15
Pattern 2-33
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