New York

New York

New York is an appealing selection of color and design elements for any 4" x 12" ceramic wall tile project. This subway tile series brings seven glossy colors and three matte colors to your wall tile application. It also offers a very exciting decorative tile option in 6 patterns. This glazed ceramic wall tile offers a rectangular tile option that is modern in its color uniformity, with a consistent effect, low variation monochromatics, appealing American colors, and an exciting mix of decorative tile elements.

Technical Data Sheet

Tile Sizes

4x12 glossy
4x12 matte
4x12 glossy deco mix (6 random designs)


Sizes Available 4x12, 4x12 bullnose
Material Ceramic
Finish Glazed
Thickness 8 mm
Wear Rating 1 - Wall Applications Only
Shade Variation V1
Country of Origin Portugal
Minimum Grout Joint 3/16"

Performance Data

Water Absorption ASTM C373 18 < w.a. < 20%
Abrasion Resistance ASTM C1027 1
Breaking Strength ASTM C648 ≥ 0.50 kN
Bond Strength ASTM C482 ≥ 50 psi
Thickness Dimension ASTM C499 In accordance
Facial Dimension ASTM C499 In accordance
Warpage Diagonal ASTM C485 In accordance
Wedging ASTM C502 In accordance
Chemical Resistance ASTM C650 GA/GLA

Design Ideas


Pattern 1-01
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