Judi porcelain tile offers a unique shimmer effect on a subtle, tone-on-tone textured surface. This very affordable Spanish tile series has a high-quality porcelain floor tile in 13” x 13” along with a ceramic wall tile in 10” x 16”, available in both Grey and Cream colors. Mosaic tile is also available in Cream. Judi porcelain tile is perfect for any residential or light commercial space.

Technical Data Sheet

Tile Sizes

10x16 wall
2x2 mosaic


Sizes Available 10x16, 13x13, 2x2 mosaic on 13x13 sheet, 2x10 bullnose
Material Ceramic / Porcelain
Wear Rating 13x13 / 2x2: 4 - Walls + Residential / Light Commercial Floor Applications; 10x16 / Bullnose: 1 - Wall Applications Only
Shade Variation V2
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction 0.16
Country of Origin Spain
Minimum Grout Joint 3/16"

Performance Data

Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 0.49
Abrasion Resistance ISO 10545-7 4
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 ≥ 35 N/mm2
Dimensions Range ISO 10545-2 Conforms
Frost Resistance ISO 10545-12 Frost Resistant
Scratch Hardness MOHS 8
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction AcuTest 0.16

Design Ideas

  • cream 13x13 10x16 2x2
  • gris 13x13 10x16


Pattern 1-02
Pattern 1-05
Pattern 1-06
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