The Impero Collection

Impero porcelain tile is a wall and floor tile series replicating four classic marble and travertine stones: Dolomite, Statuary, Travertine and Crema Marfil. A multiple format tile series, including decorative tiles and mosaics, perfect for residential spaces and surfaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, backsplashes and large living areas.

Tile Sizes

dolomite 288438 Dolomite
marfil 288439 Marfil
statuario 288437 Statuario
travertino 288440 Travertino
dolomite 288429 Dolomite
marfil 288430 Marfil
statuario 288428 Statuario
travertino 288431 Travertino
dolomite 288433 Dolomite
marfil 288434 Marfil
statuario 288432 Statuario
travertino 288435 Travertino
9.5x19.25 Hexagon
dolomite 288442 Dolomite
marfil 288444 Marfil
statuario 288441 Statuario
travertino 288445 Travertino
10x22 Glossy
dolomite 288451 Dolomite
marfil 288452 Marfil
statuario 288450 Statuario
travertino 288453 Travertino
10x22 Onda Glossy
dolomite 288455 Dolomite
marfil 288456 Marfil
statuario 288454 Statuario
travertino 288457 Travertino
2x2 Mosaic
dolomite 288447 Dolomite
marfil 288448 Marfil
statuario 288446 Statuario
travertino 288449 Travertino
Hexagon Mosaic
313704 Dolomite
3x10 Bullnose Glossy
dolomite 288459 Dolomite
marfil 288460 Marfil
statuario 288458 Statuario
travertino 288462 Travertino


Sizes Available 4x12, 13x13, 12x24, 9.5x19.25 elongated hexagon, 10x22, 2x2 mosaic on 13x13 sheet, 2 inch hexagon mosaic on 11x12 sheet, 3x10 bullnose
Material Floor: Porcelain, Wall: Ceramic
Finish Glazed
Wear Rating 10x22 / 3x10 bullnose: 1 - Wall Applications Only.
All other sizes: 4 - Walls + Residential / Most Commercial Floor Applications
Shade Variation V3
Frost Proof Floor: Yes, Wall: No
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction 0.53
Country of Origin Portugal
Additional Information Per ANSI standard A108.02,, tiles longer than 15" should not be staggered more than 1/3 the length of the tile.

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