The Bambusa Collection

Bambusa is a porcelain tile series that offers a unique modern textured tile look. This elegant porcelain series works for both floor tile and wall tile applications, offering a one-of-a-kind interpretation of grass, jute, sisal and bamboo surfaces on a linear tile design and across multiple decorative tile options. Available in multiple porcelain tile sizes and two mosaic tile options, Bambusa comes in six stunning colors with just the right amount of range and tone. Bambusa is rated PEI 4 for all residential and light commercial applications.

Tile Sizes

beige 309434 Beige
bianco 309435 Bianco
crema 309436 Crema
grigio 309437 Grigio
tortora 309438 Tortora
wenge 309439 Wenge
12x24 Fascia Texture
beige 309440 Beige
bianco 309441 Bianco
crema 309442 Crema
grigio 309443 Grigio
tortora 309444 Tortora
wenge 309445 Wenge
24x24 Intarsio
beige 309446 Beige
bianco 309447 Bianco
crema 309448 Crema
grigio 309449 Grigio
tortora 309450 Tortora
wenge 309451 Wenge
9.5x11 Hexagon
beige 309452 Beige
bianco 309453 Bianco
crema 309454 Crema
grigio 309455 Grigio
tortora 309456 Tortora
wenge 309457 Wenge
beige ECXBAM310461 Beige
bianco ECXBAM310464 Bianco
crema ECXBAM310463 Crema
grigio ECXBAM310460 Grigio
tortora ECXBAM310459 Tortora
wenge ECXBAM310462 Wenge
2x2 Intreccio Mosaic
beige 309458 Beige
bianco 309459 Bianco
crema 309460 Crema
grigio 309461 Grigio
tortora 309462 Tortora
wenge 309463 Wenge
Losanga Mosaic
beige 309943 Beige
bianco 309944 Bianco
crema 309945 Crema
grigio 309946 Grigio
tortora 309947 Tortora
wenge 309948 Wenge


Sizes Available 12x24, 24x24, basketweave mosaic on 12x12 sheet, 9.5x11 hexagon, losanga mosaic on 12x12 sheet, 2.5x24 bullnose
Special Order / Lead Time Required 24x24
Material Porcelain
Thickness 10 mm
Wear Rating 4 - Walls + Residential / Most Commercial Floor Applications
Shade Variation V2
Frost Proof Yes
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction 0.5
Country of Origin Italy
Minimum Grout Joint 1/8"
Additional Information Per ANSI standard A108.02,, tiles longer than 15" should not be staggered more than 1/3 the length of the tile.

Performance Data

Abrasion Resistance ISO 10545-7 4
Breaking Strength ISO 10545-4 ≥ 55 N/mm2
Water Absorption ISO 10545-3 0.10%
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction AcuTest 0.5
Dimensions Range ISO 10545-2 Conforms
Frost Resistance ISO 10545-12 Frost Proof
Chemical Resistance - Household Chemicals ISO 10545-13 A-LA-HA
Chemical Resistance - Low Concentration of Acids ISO 10545-13 A-LA-HA
Scratch Hardness MOHS 8.5
Thermal Shock Resistance ISO 10545-9 Resistant
Resistance to Stains ISO 10545-14 Class 5

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