Appian Stones

Appian Stones

Appian Stones is an upscale Italian porcelain tile series that showcases the beautiful veining patterns of four elegant Italian marble stone looks in a consistent white or black color tone. Blending the look of Carrara Marble, Statuario Marble, Gioia Marble, and Venatino Marble, the series offers a singular, hard-to-copy expression of upscale Italian marble design for your room. Versatility is achieved with multiple porcelain tile sizes and a stunning collection of marble stone look mosaics.

Technical Data Sheet

Tile Sizes

basketweave mosaic
hexagon mosaic
2x2 mosaic


Sizes Available 4x8, 8x8, 8x16, 16x16, 2x2 mosaic on 12x12 sheet, basketweave mosaic on 12x12 sheet, hexagon mosaic on 10x12 sheet, 2.5x16 bullnose
Material Porcelain
Finish Glazed
Wear Rating White: 5 - Walls + Residential / Commercial Floor Applications; Black: 3 - Walls + Residential Floor Applications
Shade Variation V3
Frost Proof Yes
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction 0.57
Country of Origin Italy


Pattern 1-02
Pattern 1-03
Pattern 1-04
Pattern 1-05
Pattern 1-06
Pattern 1-08
Pattern 1-15
Pattern 2-02
Pattern 2-06
Pattern 2-08
Pattern 2-09
Pattern 2-11
Pattern 2-15
Pattern 2-19
Pattern 2-20
Pattern 2-21
Pattern 2-22
Pattern 2-23
Pattern 2-24
Pattern 2-25
Pattern 2-26
Pattern 2-27
Pattern 2-28
Pattern 2-29
Pattern 2-30
Pattern 2-31
Pattern 3-05
Pattern 3-07
Pattern 3-08
Pattern 3-09
Pattern 3-11
Pattern 3-12
Pattern 3-14
Pattern 3-15
Pattern 3-17
Pattern 3-18
Pattern 3-20
Pattern 3-21
Pattern 3-22
Pattern 3-23
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