Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is a glazed porcelain blend of mixed wood looks highlighting the grain, wear and structure of reclaimed planks. Two large formats (6.5" or 9.75" x 39.5") can be combined for a true craftsman look, while 4" x 13" mini planks can create a herringbone or parquet look. The unique 4” Hexagon mosaic is perfect for accents and shower floors. Bar Harbor porcelain tile is available in three robust shades and is suitable for all residential and most commercial applications.

Technical Data Sheet

Tile Sizes

4x13 rectified
6.5x39.5 rectified
9.75x39.5 rectified
4 inch hexagon mosaic


Shade Variation V4
Wear Rating Brown: 4 - Rated for all residential and light commercial applications. Beige / Grey: 5 - Rated for all residential and commercial applications.
Material Porcelain
Frost Proof Yes
Finish Glazed
Additional Information The factory recommends that the 39.5" long planks be staggered NO MORE than 8".
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction 0.42
Sizes Available 4x13 rectified, 6.5x39.5 rectified, 9.75x39.5 rectified, 4 inch hexagon mosaic on 12x15 sheet


Pattern 1-01
Pattern 1-07
Pattern 1-09
Pattern 1-10
Pattern 1-11
Pattern 1-12
Pattern 1-13
Pattern 1-14
Pattern 2-38