Ritz Gray

Ritz Gray

A rich honed marble stone. Ritz Gray marble offers shades of taupe that exude warmth. Originating from Turkey, Ritz Gray comes in a honed finish, along with unique wall cladding formats. A marble stone with depth and character.

Technical Data Sheet

Tile Sizes



Sizes Available 3x9, 12x12, 12x24, 2x2 mosaic on 12x12 sheet, basketweave mosaic on 12x12 sheet, diamond mosaic, hexagon mosaic on 12x12 sheet, random strip mosaic on 12x12 sheet, 6x24 panel, .625x12 pencil, 2x12 chair rail
Material Marble
Finish honed
Wear Rating 8 - Customer determines use
Shade Variation V3
Country of Origin Turkey


Pattern 1-01
Pattern 1-02
Pattern 1-03
Pattern 1-04
Pattern 1-05
Pattern 1-06
Pattern 1-08
Pattern 1-15
Pattern 2-01
Pattern 2-06
Pattern 2-09
Pattern 2-10
Pattern 2-11
Pattern 2-16
Pattern 2-19
Pattern 2-21
Pattern 2-24
Pattern 2-25

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